End-of-Life Doula Services

End-of-life is a process, a part of life’s journey, rich with possibilities for celebration, remembrance, and reflection. It is also a time of uncertainty, anxiety about loss, and grief. An End-of-Life Doula helps the dying individual and their family through the difficult parts of death’s journey.

An End-of-Life Doula brings a structured approach to dying, which prioritizes the wishes of the dying individual, supports families through their grief, and coordinates necessary care and services during the final days.

What is an End-of-Life Doula?

An End-of-Life Doula provides holistic, non-medical support comforting the dying person and their family. The doula sees the big picture, fills in gaps, and proactively responds to needs when the family is overcome with emotions and stress. An End-of-Life Doula can be part of the dying process from the initial diagnosis through bereavement.

When an End-of-Life Doula begins working, they will quickly ascertain:

  1. Where is the dying person in their journey?
  2. Where is the family on this journey?
  3. What services and support are needed?
  4. What is causing the family to feel overwhelmed?
  5. What services will be needed in the future?

Working with of End of Life Doulas

IKOR is a premier provider of patient advocacy services. Our End-of-Life Doula extends the advocacy work we do by providing compassionate support to dying individuals and their families during one of the most difficult times. We remove the burden of care coordination, offer guidance, and maintain a sense of calm to give the dying and those around them to be present and celebrate a life well-lived.

How EOL Doulas Help Individuals

  • Legacy work
  • Planning for the final days
  • Comfort in uncertainty
  • Vigil planning
  • Emotional support

How EOL Doulas Help Families Members

  • Non-medical support
  • Care coordination
  • Education & guidance
  • Guide conversations about death and loss